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The Hike

The Hike - Joseph Gaillard

I went on my first hike yesterday and I have come to the conclusion that I am most definitely not an outdoor person. In fact, for almost the entire walk I could think of nothing else but how a good group of contractors could make this whole trek a lot easier by just coming down and smoothing out these inconvenient and bumpy nature trails.

The walk was part of my mother’s ongoing obsession with getting me out of the house and into the wild. I can only assume that she is trying to get me used to it before she kicks me out or something. As long as she leaves me the numbers for some good contractors I’m frankly fine with that.

Anyway, it all started with a pretty harmless drive to the woods that are a few miles away from our house, and a promise that we would only be staying out for an hour or two at the most. As soon as I arrived at the gravel strewn car park, I could see that the place could most definitely do with the deft touch of some paving contractors Edmonton but I kept my mouth shut all the same.

My mother started getting all enthusiastic about the big hike we were about to embark on. This was news to me, as I thought we were just going to chill out for a couple of hours before heading back home. Instead I found out that I was going to be spending at least three hours wandering around a bunch of trees that I have absolutely no interest in whatsoever. To say that I was more than a little peeved would be something of an understatement.

Anyway, we got under way and everything was ok for about fifteen minutes or so. The walk was pretty easy and I was starting to enjoy myself. Then the hills appeared. Hill, after hill, after hill. I swear if I ever have to walk uphill again in my life it will be too soon. It was right around that point that I started wishing for the appearance of some contractors to come and flatten everything down.

To make a long story short, the walk was ridiculously long. My feet are now absolutely covered in blisters and I’m having to listen to my mom incessantly crowing about how great it was to be outdoors.

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