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How would you react?

How would you react? - Joseph Gaillard

I wish I knew how to react when women complain about men. Unfortunately, today I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. My sister had invited me over for coffee a few days ago, and I promised her I would pass by. Usually this type of invitation means that she needs me to fix something in her apartment. Last time she invited me, I had to fix the kitchen sink which was leaking. A few months back, it was her router. I wondered what was it this time.

When I got there, she already had two other guests, two of her old friends. I knew them both for quite some time. Marie and these two women were friends for over two years ago. I gave them a hug, asked for my coffee and before I sat down, I inquired what was damaged. My sister started to laugh and pointed at one of her friends. She said that Lisa was damaged. She paused for a second, then added that she was damaged for life. 

Assuming it was one of their inside jokes, I turned and looked at Lisa, waiting for an explanation. She took a long breath and invited me to have a seat, as what she was about to tell me was going to create a shocking effect. I listened to her and sat on the couch, waiting for the news.

Meanwhile, my sister had brought me my cup of coffee. I smelled the caramel flavour and took a sip. As soon as my lips touch the creamy coffee, I heard Lisa saying her husband was having an affair. 

The news made me spit out the coffee all over the cup and the small plate I was holding into my hands. My eyes were almost popping out. I thought that it was a good thing I followed her advise and sat down. Otherwise, I might have spilled my coffee all over the room. 

Anyway, seeing that I was shocked, she added that the bad news we're not done yet. She added that her husband was cheating on her with a teller from a bank where they got their second mortgage.

Then she added that he was the one who asked for the divorce, since his new girlfriend was expecting a baby. After this last sentence she bursted into tears. I was left speechless. The next moment, she started to curse and say all men are pigs. That was my cue. I stood up and told my sister I had to go. I know I should have reacted differently, but I couldn’t.

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