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Mold Removal Company in Montreal

Mold Removal Company in Montreal  - Joseph Gaillard

The new house was left for a long time without a roof. Then when the strong rains started, it affected the interior. The roof was built, but further rains came in the autumn and builders saw further problems. How did the foreman decide to fight off the mold? What happened next? Read further.

It was essential to reduce the consequences. All gas boilers were turned on and radiators were heated. The great forced air heater was delivered from the other construction plot. Eight workers were able to lift it only to the first floor. They decided not to drag it higher. They turned it on. The great stream of the lukewarm wind started floating along the first floor but it didn't lift higher. And, at the same time, the fall arrived. Gray dull rains arrived with it. Now humidity was almost similar at both ends of the house. The construction period was approaching its end but mold started growing on the house's walls. It was hanging from the ceiling and had infested windows and windowsills. The walls had now quite an interesting type of decor. They were literally covered by the thick layer of this black web, at the distance reminding some decorations to one of those Hollywood horror movies. But the difference was that it was Montreal and people who came in to see their future apartments were so shocked that Stanislavsky would willingly exclaim his famous "I Do Believe!" But the life is not a movie and we are not in Hollywood. That's why mold removal Montreal was urgently hired. Their task was to fight off the mold and apply anew the painting which had come off the walls and ceilings.

Workers were given respirators, glasses, painting guns and some muddy liquid which presumably removed the mold with a single application. The work started. Eight young guys took their places on different floors. One was applying the coating with the help of the painting gun, then others came after and  worked the surface with brushes and rolls. At the end, painters arrived who quickly applied the new plaster on prepared surfaces. All this was done quite quickly. Three apartments were worked on in a single day. The foreman was extremely happy. Of course, he was. In such a short time he had managed to conceal traces of his mistakes. He was already thinking of when he would be able to report back to his bosses that the house was complete and ready to move in.

But, as it often happens in life, not everything turned out so neatly. The mold was not quick to surrender. The guys who evacuated the floors, leaving clear and white behind them; but after two or three days the grayish moss started hatching again, sowing doubts in his professionalism and in the foreman's judgment.

More and more new liquids, agents and plasters were brought into the house in the hope that they would be able, if not to destroy, to at least hide the mold for the time while residents would take possession of their apartments. But nothing helped.

We don't know whether the foreman managed to get rid of problems or not. We know one thing, however. Such problems are not solved all at once. There are not so many liquids for Montreal mold removal. And there are even less experts in the city who can disinfect the surface in the right way. So think whether you need save money or the sake of your health; do it once but with a guarantee giving you the certaintly that this problem won't happen again.

What's more important, we guarantee that our works are clean and eco-friendly.

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