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Sorry Cats, Our Patio Ruined Your Day and We Are Glad

Sorry Cats, Our Patio Ruined Your Day and We Are Glad - Joseph Gaillard

My wife and I love to have people over and enjoy some fun time in our backyard, eating some barbecue, talking, and just hanging out together. We had a grassy area, but most of our yard was dirt and sand, and no matter what we had done to get grass to grow in it that just wasn’t happening. There was nothing that we could do about it. It simply wouldn’t grow.

It was not uncommon for us to have an event at our house about once a week, but soon our events with our family and friends were turning into complete nightmares. The dirt and sand may have made for a great place to stand and talk, but it was also an inviting area for someone else – the local cats.

In no time we were finding that cats were using our yard as their personal sandbox. Disgusting? Ya, I would say. There is nothing worse than having your friends over for a nice evening and soon you realize that they are standing in cat poop. The smell got to be overwhelming too. It was becoming a nightmare.

We had tried to put in grass on a bunch of occasions and had no luck whatsoever. This was not going to be the solution at all. What were we going to do?

My wife suggested getting a patio, which was brilliant. We were not going to get grass to succeed there anyway, so why not make the property look better and defeat these cats at the same time? It was a great plan.

We contacted some Edmonton paving companies to come out and take a look at our property and they sent someone out. In just a week we had find the company we liked and the design we wanted for our patio. Things were looking up.

A few days later they sent out a crew, laid the paid foundation, poured the concrete and the next day our patio was ready for use. It was amazing how quickly this Edmonton paving company had done the job, and how beautiful it looked.

It was a truly awesome decision, but nothing made me happier than a few days after it was laid. I looked outside to see a local cat wandering around on the patio looking like it had just lost its best friend. No more sand for that dumb cat.

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